Episode 157

157: Holistic Health and Wellness with Dr. Natasha Macleay of Tulsi Wellness Center

Published on: 9th April, 2024

I’m excited to welcome our first doctor to the Holistic Interior Design Podcast, Dr. Natasha of Tulsi Wellness Center. Dr. Natasha practices Holistic Health, and as Holistic Interior Designers, it’s important for us to make our overall health and wellness a priority, while also considering how our designs contribute to the holistic health of our clients. 

Dr. Natasha shares her journey to practicing Holistic Health, her personal connection to Holistic Interior Design, and how we can take better care of ourselves as designers and creatives. Dr. Natasha offers great, simple tips that will help us in all areas of our lives, not just business.

About Dr. Natasha MacLeay

Dr. MacLeay is sincerely dedicated to transforming the lives of women. She helps optimize gut health, hormones and skin naturally. Dr. MacLeay uncovers the “why” of your health concern and provides the necessary treatment to make your health an asset to your life.  She pioneers in establishing a targeted approach towards the bi-directional relationship between the bellies and brains, an often-overlooked area of treatment.

Dr. MacLeay utilizes advanced technology and functional medicine testing such as gut microbiome, micronutrient, food sensitivity, neurotransmitter, and genetic testing to get answers for targeted treatment. As a Naturopathic Doctor her approach is a balance of traditional and modern medicine. Treatment often includes nutrition counseling, botanical medicine, homoeopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, and physical medicine.


- Cognitive & Mental Health (Brain fog, anxiety, depression, ADHD)

- Gastrointestinal Health (IBS, IBD, SIBO, GERD, food sensitivity, dysbiosis and more)

- Endocrinology (thyroid disorders, stress hormones, autoimmune disease)

- Regenerative Medicine (PRP/Exosome therapy for hair and face)

Featured in this episode

Featured Tarot deck: Cosmo Tarot

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Holistic Interior Design Podcast
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The Holistic Interior Design Podcast guides new, aspiring and current Interior Designers as they navigate the entrepreneurial path of an independent Interior Designer. On this podcast you will learn from the experiences of seasoned Interior Designers as they share strategies of how they built their businesses. Discover supportive trade partners and inspiring artists from around the world. You'll also get insight on how our host Rachel Larraine Crawford shares her take on design from a holistic approach incorporating mind, body and spirit.

About the Host
Rachel Larraine Crawford is an award-winning Holistic Interior Designer and pioneering entrepreneur empowered by insightful expertise as a Mystic, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Energy Healer. Her intimate connection to intuition and ancestral roots enabled her to rise above a challenging childhood and blossom into a powerful, impassioned healer. As the founder of Tiger Veil, she supports clients in realizing their unique vision for an indoor environment that connects intuitive design with spiritual enlightenment. As a podcaster and founder of the Design Coven mentorship program, Crawford is actively shaping a more uplifting, holistic world of design while leading the way for others who seek to forge a fulfilling, non-traditional career path.
Her work has also been featured in several exhibitions, including Del Mar’s KAABOO festival, and in publications such as San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, Modern Luxury Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Exquisite Weddings, Style & Decor and Serendipity Magazine.
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Rachel Crawford

Rachel is a Mystic, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Feng Shui Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Holistic Interior Designer, whose intimate connection to her intuition and ancestral roots enabled her to rise above a challenging childhood and blossom into the powerful and impassioned healer she is today.

Committed to empowering others by teaching modalities that support connection to intuition, Rachel hosts workshops and retreats focused on the ancient practices of Feng Shui, Tarot, crystals, herbs and oils, ritual and ceremony, astrology and metaphysics — in addition to live and virtual new moon and full moon circles.

Rachel also lends her harmonious and balancing acumen to the creation of energetically aligned spaces through Holistic Interior Design. Since earning her Associates Degree and Certificate in Interior Design 2005, she has created and collaborated on a multitude of award-winning residential and commercial spaces, including Realm of the 52 Remedies (with Onairos Design), all while becoming certified in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui (2015), studying the practices of Land Healing, Ritual, and Ceremony under Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark in Ireland, and with "House Whisperer," Christian Kyriacou.
Rachel's work has been featured in several exhibitions, including KAABOO, a music, comedy, culinary and art festival held in Del Mar, CA, where as part of an experiential art installation by Carly Ealey and Madeleine Tonzi, she created a crystal grid below the piece, clearing the participating auras before entering the installation. Her designs have been published in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, Modern Luxury Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Exquisite Weddings, Style & Decor and Serendipity Magazine.

You may also connect with Rachel on a regular basis through Patreon, where she is is creating Mystical Rituals and Sacred Spaces, providing Tarot Readings, and nurturing spiritual connections.

Her design work can be found here: CrawfordPallini.com
Her personal site here: RachelLarraine.com